Firefox Lockbox password manager

Now You Can Login to Mobile Apps Using Firefox Lockbox

Firefox released a new app for Android called Firefox Lockbox that lets users easily access their browser passwords anywhere, from their mobile devices. In case you're unfamiliar, advanced web browsers like Chrome and Firefox allow...
Epic Games Fortnite game

Epic Games Epic Flaw Lets Hackers Login to Fortnite Accounts

Cybersecurity firm Check Point issued a statement reporting it found multiple vulnerabilities on Epic Games' online platform which could allow hackers to login to any Fortnite account. Once logged in, attackers could then steal credit...
Roku OS9.1

Roku Introduces New Automatic Account Link Feature

Roku is making it easier for users to set up their favorite subscription services when activating new Roku devices on their account. The new feature streamlines the setup process by not requiring users to enter...

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