Now You Can Login to Mobile Apps Using Firefox Lockbox

Firefox Lockbox password manager
Image - Firefox

Firefox released a new app for Android called Firefox Lockbox that lets users easily access their browser passwords anywhere, from their mobile devices.

In case you’re unfamiliar, advanced web browsers like Chrome and Firefox allow you to save usernames and passwords for your favorite websites.

Firefox Lockbox is essentially a password manager that brings all those passwords and logins to your mobile device. You can use it to open any website from the app to get into your accounts.

This is useful because once you’ve installed the app on an Android or IOS device it will let you sign in to apps like Amazon Prime TV, Netflix, and Facebook without having to remember and enter your username and password on those sites.

Firefox Lockbox is free, but you need a Firefox account to make this work. If you already have a Firefox account, install the app and it will automatically import your usernames and passwords using an advanced encryption standard that keeps your data safe while it’s being transmitted and synced between your devices.

The app also lets users use face recognition or touch ID to lock the app and keep their passwords private. And it uses the convenient auto-fill feature which automatically enters your login credentials into third-party apps.

There are more advanced password managers out there. Some even generate random passwords every time a user logs in. But if you’re already using Firefox to save your passwords, then Firefox Lockbox is the way to go.


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