Flickr Axes Yahoo Login System, Introduces New Access Options

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After over 10 years, Flickr ditches the old login system set up years ago after the photo-sharing service was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005.

Since Flickr was a part of Yahoo, you needed a Yahoo! account to access Flickr. Just like you need a Google account to access Gmail.

According to Flickr’s new owner SmugSmug, ditching Yahoo email addresses has been the single most requested change by the community. But it hasn’t been easy‚Ķ until now.

Yesterday, the photo-sharing site Flickr announced it’s finally dropping the old Yahoo login system, so millions of users will be able to switch their accounts to new email addresses.

The new system doesn’t require a Yahoo ID, which is definitely great news, especially for those who were not happy about the requirement, implemented two years after the Yahoo acquisition, that forced users to create a Yahoo account to access the site.

Users still have to use their Yahoo credentials until they get access to the new login process. Once it rolls out, users can pick a new email address, and a new password to sign in.

You can also keep your old Yahoo email address. Many users will choose this option because they still use Yahoo services like Y! Mail daily.

If you want to change your email address click on the “Update your login now” link in the gray banner, select a preferred email (it can be a Gmail email address), click Save, enter a new password and click Set Password.

That’s it! Your new Flickr login is ready.

As simple as 1-2-3.


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