League of Legends New Login Screen Reveals Season 9 Promo

League of Legends Season 9 Login Screen
Image - Riot Games

League of Legends has a new login screen, and it features a promotional video of the upcoming season that shows some of the best characters in ultra-realistic style.

With this move, Riot Games is probably trying to get players both ready and excited about the game’s latest season.

The new login screen was first spotted by a YouTuber known as Frosty Ninja, according to Comic Book. Frosty Ninja collects login screens for LoL events and champion releases, among others.

League of Legends’ login screen is now showing more realistic versions of popular champions such as Yasuo and Karma. Season 9’s promotional video also includes Warwick, Irelia, and Blitzcrank. But many fans are saying they should have included champions from every faction in the league’s lore.

Not a single ADC made it into the season 9 promo. But that’s probably because last year, champions like Jinx and Lucian were the main characters of the login animation for season 8.

Season 9 starts in less than a week, on January 24th. So players have probably been getting ready for the game’s new positional ranks and seasonal splits, which will go into full effect on the same day the new season starts.

Rewards distribution will now take place after each three-month split ends. And players will also be able to earn better rewards if they continue playing through each one of these splits.

There are also two new rank tiers: Iron and Grandmaster.

The first tier, Iron, will go below Bronze to give lower level players an opportunity to get more recognition as they improve their abilities.

The second tier, Grandmaster, goes right between Master and Challenger to differentiate the best players based on skill.

2019 League of Legends Season 9 Login Theme

Are you ready for season 9?


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