Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 2018 Monthly Login Characters

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes monthly login characters
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This year has been a great year for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players.

First, EA removed ally points, low credit amounts, and low 2-star training droid drops. Then they introduced changes that reward players who log in each day. And finally, they fixed an issue that affected people’s in-game rewards.

It may have happened to you too. People who were logged in during the time developers pushed out a small change that would allow them to receive the reward would not receive their rewards if they stayed logged in when the reward came.

And they also talked about a few issues some players were having when they logged in to two accounts on the same device.

Despite all that, 2018 Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) monthly login characters and rewards have been amazing.

As you know, December’s login character is the Ewok Scout. Although not as great as it used to be, it’s still a great catch.

But if you think December’s reward wasn’t good enough, don’t worry, because December is a 31-day month, so you’ll at least be able to snatch two Zeta shards instead of one.

Just don’t forget to log in every day, otherwise you’ll miss out on hefty rewards.

November’s login character was General Kenobi, Nightsister Spirit was October’s, and September’s was Rebel Officer Leia Organa.

See the full list of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes monthly login characters for 2018 below.

SWGOH Monthly Login Character Rewards 2018

  • January: Finn and Poe
  • February: Sith Assassin
  • March: Stormtrooper Han
  • April: Greedo
  • May: Han Solo
  • June: Lando Calrissian
  • July: HK-47
  • August: Dengar
  • September: Rebel Officer Leia Organa
  • October: Nightsister Spirit
  • November: General Kenobi
  • December: Ewok Scout

Monthly login rewards will probably improve next year, so keep logging in every day until you get something worth keeping.

What do you think about SWGOH 2018 login characters? Good? Bad? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


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