Facebook Login Problem: Users Getting Logged Out of Their Facebook Account Can’t Get Back In

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Facebook reportedly down for thousands of users around the world.

There have been hundreds of reports of people getting forcefully logged out and not being able to log back in to the social network.

Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard, Facebook has been the target of Cyber-attacks over the past few months. These attacks resulted in lost passwords, deleted accounts, and personal information being exposed.

Today, thousands of users were logged out of their Facebook accounts without reason or explanation. And that’s the reason why many people fear the social network juggernaut has been hacked once again.

This situation is similar to what happened back in September when Facebook disclosed a security breach that affected millions of users worldwide.

During September’s security breach, Facebook also forcefully logged out millions of users in order to protect their private information.

However, users who got logged out in September were able to get back in after just a few minutes. But this time it’s been different, mainly because the issue has taken longer to resolve than we expected.

Today, users who were forcefully logged out haven’t been able to get back in. So, naturally, people are getting worried.

Although it doesn’t seem like the problem is affecting as many users as everyone thought, it’s still big enough to get noticed.

In fact, hundreds of users took to Twitter to vent their frustration as Facebook login issues started to arise on Thursday morning.

Facebook has given no word on the issue yet, or why is it happening. It may also be a temporary issue that gets fixed in a few hours, but who knows?

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

Source: Twitter


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