Google Asks Nest Users to Strengthen Login Security

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Reports of hacked cameras are on the rise. Google is asking Nest customers to check their security settings and change their login details if they’ve been victims of data breaches.

Nest is a Google company that makes IoT home devices such as cameras and thermostats. Smart products and other internet connected home devices have become the target of hackers worldwide.

Due to the growing number of hacked home devices that can spy on you, Google is warning Nest camera owners to secure their login credentials with the two-factor authentication protocol. And also through the creation of strong passwords, hard to guess by both humans and programs.

Today, Google sent Nest security camera owners an email explaining why they should avoid dumb security mistakes. In the email, the company also points out that Nest itself was not breached.

The email said that even though “Nest was not breached, customers may be vulnerable because their email addresses and passwords are freely available on the internet. If a website is compromised, it’s possible for someone to gain access to user email addresses and passwords, and from there, gain access to any accounts that use the same login credentials.”

In short, don’t use the same password across all of your personal accounts.

Google also explained that “For example, if you use your Nest password for a shopping site account and the site is breached, your login information could end up in the wrong hands. From there, people with access to your credentials can cause the kind of issues we’ve seen recently.”

According to Popular Mechanics, other companies like Arlo Smart Home also asked users to use online security tools and strengthen their passwords because of recent cases of suspicious activity affecting its user base.

What to do next?

As a Nest device owner, you can start by creating a strong password, enabling two-step authentication, and being alert for phishing.

Has something like this happened to you? What did you do? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


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