Therap Login: How to Securely Sign In to your Therap Services Account

Therap is a web-based application suite that provides a comprehensive solution with planning, communication, reporting, and billing modules specially designed for the needs of organizations supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Therap offers a turnkey system that supports secure access from anywhere using both the web and the company’s mobile app, risk management and quality assurance, and analytic performance dashboards, and more.

With that said, today I’m going how to login to your Therap Services account in a secure and highly convenient manner.

And if you already know how to access your Therap account well, then this guide is also for you because I’m going to share with you a variety of useful tips, including how to recover your password and sign in using mobile devices.

Therap Login

1. Go to Therap’s login page at

2. In the login box on the right side of your screen, enter your “Login Name.”

Therap login box

3. Enter your password.

4. Enter your provider code.

5. Click the “Login” button.

Forgot your password?

1. If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Password?” link.

Therap forgot password link

2. Enter your Login Name, Provider Code, and Email/Text.

3. Click “Submit.”

Keep in mind that you will only be able to reset your password if this functionality has been enabled for your account by your Provider Administrator. If you haven’t previously set up the feature and are unable to sign in, then you must contact your Provider Administrator to get help.

Just to be clear, it’s worth noting that only your Administrator may reset your password.

But what happens if you are the Provider Admin/Super Admin for your agency?

In this case, you’ll need to contact another Super Admin who has the ability to reset your password so he or she can do it for you.

If you can’t get in touch with another Super Admin, you can complete the form on the following URL:

Once you complete the form, they’ll provide you with the next steps on how to reset your password.

Forgot your Provider Code?

If you forgot your Provider Code, you’ll need to contact your supervisor or a co-worker at your agency to reset it.

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