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Blizzard announced in a blog post it’s testing a new moderation system to deter and remove toxic, hate, and spam comments from their Twitch chats.

The game developer is trying to improve viewer experience for the Overwatch Path to Pro ecosystem.

If you’ve ever watched popular Overwatch streams, then you’ve probably seen a lot of hate speech going on. Being harassed and bullied is not what players and Twitch users were thinking about when they first signed up for the service.

So, to curb bullies, Blizzard is introducing new changes they hope will improve player and viewer experience alike. The new changes will require commenters to link their Twitch account with their account.

The move will allow Blizzard to know who commenters are. And moderators will be able to identify the bad apples quickly and perhaps ban them before they cause any more trouble.

If users try to take part in Blizzard’s Twitch chat, they will receive a message with the new rules and changes to policies and procedures. And they will also receive instructions on how to link their accounts if they haven’t already.

From now on, if you want to comment, you must login to your account, as simple as that. The live-streaming service’s linking feature is available on the “Connections” section in the Settings menu.

Once you are there, login to your Twitch account, then go to the Twitch connections page, and click “Connect” next to Blizzard Then just follow the instructions.

The test run of the new feature began yesterday, December 28, 2018, and it will last until the Overwatch Contenders quarterfinals are over. So basically from now through January 12, 2019.

What do you think about the login requirement? Useful or not? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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