Two-Step Login Now Required to Access Cornell’s Student Center and Student Essentials

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Cornell University students will be required to log into the Student Center and Student Essentials using two-step verification. The University’s administration thinks the Two-Step verification process will improve the security of students’ personal information.

They’re right. Find out how below.

Two-Step verification is a process or method of confirming a persons’ claimed identity. It adds an extra layer of security by requiring something you know and something you have, like your phone.

This method to increase security by requiring two or more steps to confirm users’ identities is usually used when logging in to applications, networks, etc.

Starting on November 26, students will have to use two-step login to confirm their identity on a separate device before logging in. They can take a call on a registered phone, tap “Approve” from an app called Duo Mobile, enter a code from either the app or a keychain, or tap a button from a USB device.

“This step [Two-Step-Login] may cause inconvenience, but we believe it is worth the effort to protect students’ account[s] and data,” said David Lifka, vice president for information technologies and chief information officer for Cornell University.

The number of compromised accounts has been much lower since they started implementing two-step verification. Security has improved greatly because hackers will not only need a students password but also access to their authentication device.

Bypassing two-step login is possible, but it’s highly unlikely, according to Lifka.

Although students are just being required to use this process to access sensitive information, two-step verification is not new. In fact, faculty members have been required to use Workday Two-Step login since June 2017.

Apart from the Student Center and Student Essentials, students can also add two-step verification to all Cornell services that require login.

Setting up two-step verification is easy, you just need your NetID and password, and the Duo Mobile app installed on your device. You can also purchase a Duo Hardware Token at the Cornell Store, which currently retails for $25.

Cornell provides a comprehensive Two-Step Login guide for students at their website.

You just have to sign in at CUWebLogin with your NetID and password, and select “Start Enrolling Devices Now”.

Select “Start setup”, select the type of device you would like to set up, and then click “Continue”.

Enter the information required based on the type of device you selected and click “Continue”.

Select the operating system of your device and follow the provided instructions to install the Duo Mobile app.

Go back to the enrollment window and select “I Have Duo Mobile Installed”.

Activate the app using the app’s barcode scanner, and click “Continue” after the barcode is scanned successfully.

Now add a backup device and safeguard all your personal information through CUWebLogin by selecting “Expand Where You Use Two-Step Login”, and then clicking on “Opt-In”.

Test Two-Step login and you’re good to go.

What do you think about Cornell’s new security measures for students? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: The Cornell Sun.


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