EA Login Issues Affecting All Games and Services Worldwide

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EA Sports gamers are unable to connect to the company’s servers. Login issues are currently affecting all games and services in all regions.

The company took to Twitter to provide updates and ask customers to be patient as they look into the cause of the problem.

Apparently problems started during the BioWare VIP demo event. Then the Anthem game demo got hit, and things started to get worse from that point on.

EA says the infinite loading issue with the Anthem game demo is affecting players everywhere. But you can try to fix it by relaunching the game and rejoining the mission.

The company also said they are adding more capacity to the Anthem demo, so just wait while they get work on getting everyone back on the game.

EA Community Manager Jesse Anderson says that the servers are under fire, and that EA’s development team is working on it right now.

According to the company’s Twitter account, users may even have trouble signing in to EA Help. And that they’ll be back online as soon as possible.


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