Tik Tok Users Report Login Problems Following Record Fine

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Yesterday, the short video sharing service Tik Tok, formerly known as musical.ly, received a record-breaking fine for violating laws protecting children’s privacy.

Apart from the fine, the FTC also ruled that TikTok must remove any videos uploaded by kids under 13. The newly imposed legal restrictions are causing operational issues.

Users are reporting not being able to login and share videos on the app. And they are also required to confirm they’re 13 or older to access their accounts.

“If you typed the wrong birthday, head to the ‘Report a Problem’ section of the app and provide confirmation you are age 13 or older by submitting a copy of your government ID,” said Tik Tok in a tweet.

The company then added in a second tweet “We’re implementing changes to accommodate younger US users in a new, separate app experience.”

The additional app experience will allow the company to split users into age-appropriate environments that are in line with FTC’s guidance for mixed audience apps.

musical.ly’s agreement with the FTC will impact child privacy and safety in a very positive way.

Users under 13 years of age will regain access to their accounts when the additional app experience is ready.

What to do in the meantime? Be patient. Read a book. Do something!


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