Google Play Will Automatically Update Pre-Installed Apps on Your Android Device Without Logging In to a Google Account

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Android devices running Lollipop or higher will soon be able to receive automatic updates for pre-installed apps without logging in to a Google account.

Automatic updates can increase users’ security and also provide a better mobile experience for users around the world. Why? Because they’ll be able to enjoy the most up-to-date version of all their mobile apps.

Keeping your apps up to date is important because it keeps them working properly and securely. And, it also gives you access to new features and improvements such as battery optimizations, better performance, and more.

Users who don’t have a Google account, or don’t want to sign into their Google accounts on their mobile devices, will now have the option to sidestep the requirement and still receive patches which will include important bug and security fixes.

Earlier this week, Google notified app developers of the upcoming changes via email.

In the email, the company asks developers to verify that new versions of their apps work as expected on all devices. With or without a Google account.

Although the feature will be optional for end users, Google says all apps must receive the appropriate updates soon so they can support the new functionality when it rolls out worldwide, which will be in the coming weeks.

According to Google, the feature will not only provide users with a more consistent app experience across all their devices. But it will also help developers reduce overhead costs required to support obsolete versions of their apps.

From now on, all apps submitted to the Google Play Store must be able to provide automatic updates even if the user is not logged in to a Google account. This includes Google’s own mobile apps too.

However, despite not needing a Google login, we assume that the Google Play app must be installed on users’ Android devices so they can receive Android app updates automatically.

Source: A friend of mine who currently develops Android apps received the email too.


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